Dakota Digital Clock Module - BIM-16-1 - $85.45

Dakota Digital

SKU: BIM-16-1

The Dakota Digital BIM-16-1 is the perfect addition to your VFD gauge cluster. The BIM-16-1 allows you to have a clock in any vehicle whether or not it had a clock to start with. Simply plug theBIM-16-1 Clock module into any VFD system (with plastic control box only) and you're done, no cutting holes and no unsightly mouting hardware. Provides either 12 or 24 hour formats.The BIM-16-1 is not necessary when using the VHX Series of instrumentation since a clock is a standard display within those instrument systems. *The BIM-16-1 is designed to supply information to the VFD3 rev. G control box systems only. Earlier control boxes (with an aluminum case) are not compatible with the BIM family of Expansion Modules.