Eonon A0581 BMW MOST Decoder/Adapter for e90 3-Series with Fiber-Optics

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SKU: A0581

e90 BMW MOST adapter: Logic7/Fiber Optic to Aftermarket Head Unit

A0581 Audio Adapter Box fits applicable E90/E91/E92/E93 BMW
(2006-2012 BMW 3-Series)

     Does your 3-series have Logic7 or fiber-optic terminals on the radio connector? Did you buy an aftermarket stereo for your e90, only to find that it wouldn't play sound? The A0581 solves this issue: it converts the normal analog audio output of standard aftermarket head-units, into an optical signal that is compatible with the factory BMW audio components.  The short and sweet is, once you have one of these installed you will get sound to play from your speakers without having to replace or work around other factory components.


1. Connect the factory fiber-optic plug from the main radio harness to the A0581 decoder box
2. Connect the ground wire, 12v+ wire and accessory wire to your aftermarket head-unit wiring harness
3. Connect left and right audio outputs from the deck to the corresponding RCA connectors on the A0581
That's it. This adapter will work with any aftermarket stereo system, including Eonon GA8165A and GA9165A.  If you purchase a GA8165A or GA9165A from us look for the option to puchase an A0581 at a discounted price ($99)

     If you aren't sure if you need this decoder for your vehicle, uninstall the factory head-unit and compare the main connector to the images on this page. If your connector doesn't have 8 speaker wires coming out of it, you have fiber-optic audio and you will need to purchase an A0581 in order to get audio from your aftermarket stereo.

Note: If your factory stereo system has stopped playing sound you will need to address the cause of the failure in order to get sound output from any aftermarket audio setup, as you could have a fault in your fiber optic system.