How do I get signed up?

Please register online.  Once you have registered, you will be able to print the form and send it in with a check, or you can pay via PayPal right away.  Once at the track, you will be asked to sign an insurance waiver, and you will be ready to go.  REGISTER NOW

How do I contact you?

You can contact us here at Track Time Motorsports, LLC by any of following ways:



I'm a beginner at this, what do I need to know?

You need to know first of all that we are really very happy to have you join us.  Do not be intimidated to get out on the track. This is NOT A RACE.  It is however a great way to improve your driving skills on the track as well as on the street.  Just keep an open mind and come ready to learn.  You will have a lot of fun and will undoubtedly make some new friends.  This is simply a great group of people who always enjoy having new people join in our fun.

Do I need a fast car?

No, any car that is in safe mechanical condition is allowed.  This event is open to all makes of cars.  At past events we have had many different types & makes of cars and it really makes it a lot of fun.

Will my car insurance cover me while on the track?

Our events are "Ride & Drive" or "Driver's Schools" and as such they may be covered by your insurance company.  It is your responsibility to check with your own insurance company to find out if you are covered.  Any event that is competitive in any way shape or form will certainly void any chance of your insurance company covering your car during the event.  More recently it seems that many companies have added an exclusion to their auto policy which may mean that you aren't covered.  So, to give our customers a good option, we are setup with Lockton Insurance to offer you specific coverage for our events.

Can I bring two cars?

You are welcome to bring more than one car to drive on the track. Please make sure that you have carefully inspected each car. We suggest going through the Tech Sheet that we have provided.

Are Convertibles Allowed?

Convertibles are allowed only if equipped with rollover protection. If you are in doubt, please call before you register so that we can discuss it. 

How do you group the drivers?

Depending on the event & type of track we are on, we may or may not have separate run groups.  When we do, we will do our best to group drivers by experience & the performance of their car. Of course, with such a diverse group of drivers & cars there will occasionally be a substantial difference in the speed of one driver or another. Passing rules will vary depending on which group you are in. All of this will be explained during the driver's meeting before we get started.

For events at Brainerd International Raceway, our events are run in conjunction with the BIR Driving School and we defer to their expertise for driver grouping. BIR Driver's School now splits the drivers up into run groups with varying passing rules depending on the group.  

How many cars will be on the track?

That will depend on how many drivers we have in total, but in the past we have run 20 or more cars on the track with no problems. Safety is #1 priority and there are very strict rules for passing and corner workers keeping an eye on everyone.

What about passengers?

Passengers at BIR Performance Driving School events are no longer allowed except for driver instruction. Please understand that this is for everyone's safety. If you have someone coming along that would like to get out on the track, please let us know and we can usually arrange for an instructor to give a ride.

What requirements must my car meet to go on the track?

ALL cars are required to pass a technical inspection before participating. You are responsible for downloading our tech sheet and carefully going through each & every item. You can download the Tech Sheet HERE. This is for your own safety as well as the safety of all other drivers. You may do this inspection yourself, but we recommend that at the very least you have a friend go through the list along with you. If you have any doubts, PLEASE have a qualified mechanic perform the inspection. It is best to make sure this is taken care of ahead of time but if you do have any concerns when you arrive at the track, please get in touch with Todd and we'll make sure we help inspect your car.

Where do I stay in Brainerd?

For events at Brainerd International Raceway, there are two hotels that we will be using this year. To get the group rate, please tell them that you want the BIR Driving School special rate. See below for details:

Rapid River Lodge & Hotel

Phone: 1-877-543-8938      

The Lodge @ Brainerd Lakes


A few more details...

All drivers as well as guests must sign waivers at the track. Drivers must read, understand, and adhere to all event guidelines. Driving instruction will be provided and REQUIRED for all beginners. All drivers should be 18 years or older. Passengers must also be 18 years old or must have a parent sign a waiver at the track. All drivers must wear a cotton shirt, long pants, and closed shoes. Helmets are required for all drivers & passengers. A Snell rating of SA2005 or better is encouraged. All open cars (typically convertibles) are required to have at least a four-point roll bar. All cars require at least factory seat belts. It is your responsibility to make sure that your family, crew and guests understand and follow all event rules!