1992-1993 LT1 OEM Memcal PROM Chip with Re-Calibration Service - 16189590 - $189.99 Free Shipping


SKU: 93-93 LT1 Chip w/prog.

     OEM GM computer chip (Memcal/PROM) WITH Calibration/Flash Service

     To ensure the proper function of your vehicle, a Calibration/Flash service is performed to match this chip to your specific application (gear ratio,trans,etc..).  This chip can be Flashed to work in the following: 1992 Corvette LT1 (5.7L V8)1993 Corvette, F-body (camaro/firebird) LT1 (5.7L V8) or any swap or combination you have that utilizes a GM 16159278 ECM (engine computer).

NOTE: During the checkout process please provide the following information:  VIN, transmission type and gear ratio and any other information which might cause need for modification of the calibration (entered in the memo section during checkout).  If we don't see this information entered with your order, we will reach out to your shortly after your order.