BIM Expansion Modules for VFD and VHX systems



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Expansion Modules Dakota Digital is proud to introduce the BIM Expansion modules for Dakota Digital VFD and VHX instrument systems. The introduction of the Dakota Digital BIM modules allow you to add up to an additional 16 gauges, that's right we said SIXTEEN specialty gauges to your vehicle without the need to cut extra holes in the dash or installing pillar and pod mounts to your columns or under the dash. Please note that the BIM modules are only compatable with current VFD, VHX and RET control boxes which have a black plastic housing. Control boxes with metal housings are not compatible with the BIM modules. Click image or text to view details Electronic Fan Controller 70 Amp PAC-2750 GPS Speed/ Compass Sender/ BIM GPS-50-1 OBD-II / CAN Interface BIM-01-1 Pressure Module BIM-03-1 Temperature Module BIM-04-1 Voltage/ Current Module BIM-05-1 EGT, Head Temperature Module BIM-12-1 Wideband Air/ Fuel Module BIM-13-1 Air Temperature Module BIM-14-1 Clock Module BIM-16-1 Compass w/ Outside Temperature Module BIM-17-1 Quad Air Pressure Module BIM-19-1