Eonon A0579 - Extended Wiring Harness for GA6150/ GA6166 / GA6201 / GA7150 / GA7201 / GA7150S /GA8201 / GA8150A / GA8201A


SKU: A0579

     Eonon A0579 Extended Harness for select BMW models

     If your e46 or e39 BWM came with a factory installed GPS navigation system you will need the A0579 extended harness in order to have a full plug-and-play installation for your Eonon GA6150, GA7150, GA7150S, GA8150A, GA6201, GA7201, GA8201 or GA8201A.

     The A0579 is configured to work with either of BMW's standard 40-pin or 17-pin radio connector types* and will plug into the factory radio connectors located in the trunk of your e46 3-series or e39 5-series, the other end of the harness will connect to your Eonon head-unit, which will be install installed the dash, of course.  The A0579 is approximately 16-feet in length (5-meters).

Please review the images below for a better understanding of how to install the A0579 extended harness and contact us if you need quick advice during or before your install.


Eonon A0579 installation method

A0579 Install method 2