OBD II Speedometer/ Tachometer Interface - Late model swap? check this out


SKU: STA-1000

Dakota Digital STA-1000 OBD II Speedometer/ Tachometer Interface The Dakota Digital STA-1000: Late-Model Drivetrain integration has never been simpler! The STA-1000 plugs directly into the OBDII diagnostic connector, providing a user-adjustable traditional Speedometer, Tachometer and Check-Engine output for your choice of aftermarket instruments. Features: Fully compatible with common aftermarket electronic speedometers User selectable output of: 4k, 8k, 16k PPM signals, Sine or Square wave options +/-35% speed signal correction, compensating for tire size or gearing changes Adjustable 4, 6 or 8 cylinder tachometer signal output Check Engine light output provides a grounded (-) output to activate a check engine light of your choice Automatically calibrated output for an aftermarket cruise control can be activated by making connection to the higher-resolution fixed VSS sensor Small footprint measures 4-3/4"x 3"x 1" making it easy to hide Designed and manufactured by our friends in Sioux Falls, SD!