Puhrl fC-01: Premium License Plate Frame Backup Camera (Night Vision)



Puhrl fC-01 License Plate Frame Backup Camera

     The PRL-fC01 may look like every other universal license plate frame backup camera available, but as they say the devil is in the details. We went through the process of identifying design flaws that pervade NEARLY ALL backup cameras, and then we made some corrections.

     We created this camera because we were disappointed with the big name camera brands found on Amazon and elsewhere; so we used those other brands as a benchmark and spec'd out our cameras to outperform them. We promise you will notice the difference.

Why Purhl wins

     Puhrl products out perform generic competitors and install easier and cleaner than them as well.

Custom spec connectors

Our all-in-one connectors give you two advantages: They simplify installation by reducing the number of connectors and wiring and they less than half the size of a standard backup camera video cable connectors (RCA & 12v DC), so they can squeeze through very small openings with ease.  If you need to drill a hole to pass the wiring through your trunk you can use a very small bit size and there is only a single wire to pass through it.  Standard backup cameras have two harness to contend with; a power harness and a video harness.

Hand-Picked Image/Video Sensor

We purchased and tested a long list of sensors that would fit into this camera housing and choose the best option we could find. The sensors we use come from a respected, high-quality manufacturer.

Night Vision

8 IR LED lights cast a powerful shower of infra red light for fantastic low-light performance


IP67 tested to be 100% waterproof for 30-minutes, 1-meter underwater and absolutely will not collect moisture or fog internally.  Puhrl backup cameras also pass extreme testing standards for salt spray and hot and cold temperatures.  Puhrl conducts it's real-world testing in Saint Paul, Minnesota, so if you're living in the rust-belt, rest assured knowing these cameras will not fail in extreme cold or extreme heat, and they do not corrode, even if your local streets are salted for 4-6 months a year like they are in Minnesota. 

The Right Stuff

During our trial-and-error testing phase we found that most backup camera sellers don't know that they are being sold knock-off products. Unscrupulous manufacturers will stuff nice looking cameras with the cheapest electronic guts they can scrape together to try to pad their pockets. Don't be a victim of this practice by proxy.  We guarantee authenticity and consistency of components in all of our cameras.  Buy Purhl, get what you pay for!


Every camera passes through impact, burn-in and weathering tests before they are allowed to leave our production site.


Technical Specs

1/3" CMOS Image sensor / 720*480 resolution / IP67 waterproof / Fog-proof / On-Chip Image Processing / Lens shading / Defect & color auto correction / Low pass filter / Color interpolation / Auto black level / Auto white balance / Auto exposure control / Back light compensation (really helps on sunny days)

Kit includes:

fC-01 rear view camera

16 Foot wiring harness (enough for most vehicles including full-size trucks)

allen wrench for tilt adjustment