Race Kit - Superlite 6R Big Brake Front Brake Kit


SKU: wlwd - slr6r 98-01 fbody race5783

Pistons: 6 Rotor Diameter: 12.88" Caliper Mount: Radial Wheel Diameter: 17" Axle Offset: 0 Kits in this competition group are configured for use in unrestricted class road racing with 17” or larger wheels. BSL6R/ST six-piston calipers with Thermlock pistons are matched with 12.90” directional vane GT competition rotors. These proven winners have delivered championship performance in road racings’ most grueling production car categories. Rotors mount to the hubs with forged aluminum hats and radial mount brackets secure the calipers to the OE location without modification. Kits also include high friction race compound pads, premium grade hardware, and stainless steel braided flexlines. 1. Road Race kits contain high temperature racing pads. Extended low temperature use will cause premature rotor and pad wear.2. Kit may fit some 17" wheels. Check wheel clearance diagram above before purchase.