Dakota Digital Voltage/ Current Module - BIM-05-1 - $85.45

Dakota Digital

SKU: BIM-05-1

The BIM-05-1 allows the Dakota Digital VHX and VFD systems to display up to 2 additional Volt or 2 Current or a combination of 1 Volt and 1 Current readings. Display SenderPart # Range Resolution LowWarning HighWarning VOLT N/A 0- 50.0VDC 0.1 0- 31 10- 41 CURRENT SEN-20-3 0- 250A 1 N/A 5- 320 *The BIM-05-1 is designed to supply information to the VFD3 rev. G and VHX control box instrument systems only. Earlier control boxes (with an aluminum case) are not compatible with the BIM family of Expansion Modules.