W6A Front Caliper and Bracket Upgrade Kit


SKU: wlwd - w6a upgrd 05-13 corvett5903

Pistons: 6 Rotor Diameter: Caliper Mount: Radial Wheel Diameter: 18" Axle Offset: 0" W6A Caliper and bracket kits replace the original equipment calipers on OE vehicles originally equipped or upgraded to the OEM 13.40" diameter Z51 rotors. W6A six piston radial mount calipers offer delivers heavy duty stopping power for the road or track. The caliper incorporates race technology into a proprietary forged body design with widespread adaptability. Radial mounting allows unparalleled adjustability and stable mounting platform gives this caliper the versatility necessary to suit all types of heavy weight braking requirements. Stainless steel pistons in the calipers resist fade and extend service life by reducing the heat transfer from the pads, caliper body, fluid, and seals. Kits also include high temperature, high friction race compound pads and all premium grade fasteners. Note 1. Kit fits vehicles originally equipped or upgraded to 13.80" OEM C6 Z06 rotors.